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Mhairi Mclean

Copywriting Services


A copywriter is someone who takes your business vision and crafts it into words that sell; on websites, through Social Media and for any other written material your business needs. A copywriter is simply an excellent writer with in-depth business knowledge and listening skills second to none. Who doesn’t want their clients to have the pleasure of reading clear and engaging texts which reflect their business vision and tone, all while they concentrate on other core activities? Enter Mhairi Mclean Copywriting Services, founded November 2015.


I’m lucky enough to be back in the Moray Firth after 16 years living abroad in countries including Japan, South Korea and Germany. Leaving Scotland with an English Language MA in my pocket, my career to date has revolved around two central themes: business, for no other reason than my profound love of it and language, for no other reason than my profound love of it. I have been involved in everything from management, editing, second language acquisition, business communications and my two favourites, translating and copywriting.

Meeting business owners, talking to you about your ideas and crafting this into words that your public want to hear gives me a lot of satisfaction. I can combine listening skills with my love of language while helping people in a community I feel at home in. I feel passionately about the market for good quality writing from small businesses; clients love it! It’s that simple.

So there you have it!

Your message, crafted into words that sell. It’s time to shine.