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Mhairi Mclean

Copywriting Services

On being too good at your job

Here’s a lovely list of just a few written items that business owners are expected to produce today:

websites, regular Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn content, blog posts, captions, leaflets, brochures, offers, handbooks, film scripts, speeches, press releases, white papers, business cards, posters, straplines, slogans, catalogues, business plans, editorial calendars, invitations, applications, CVs… add your own.

And with good reason. Done well, they are an opportunity to communicate positively with your public and ultimately interest them in your products and services.


But this magical list has a catch: it takes time and thought and talent to produce even just a few of the items on it. And if you’re too good at your job, you’ll have paying clients and a lot of plans for your own core activities; you know, the reason you set up in business in the first place.

What to do? Water down your business ideas to save time? Miss a valuable sales opportunity by not producing this marketing material?

Or, hire a copywriter. Continue advancing your products and services while selling them at the same time. All is well.

(This blog post was inspired by my talk at the Moray Business Women’s Showcase on Wed 16 March in the Laichmoray Hotel, Elgin.)


Happy Holidays and Thank You