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Mhairi Mclean

Copywriting Services

Business in the village

An oxymoron?

I have spent my adult life living in big cities: Edinburgh with its population of near on 0.5 million; Amsterdam with a modest 0.8 million people; Nagoya at 2.3 million; Seoul at 25.6 million inhabitants and the Rhein-Ruhr area in Germany living amidst 3.38 million people.


These cities were amazing on a 24/7 basis: museums, shops, films, alternative cafes, glitzy parties, amazing transportation (I mean, timed to the second), organic food, gourmet food, salsa dancing, bee-keeping on roof-tops, you name it. And business was busy. Commutes, sharp suits, immaculate desks, stunning technology. But there were so many people. So many that you avoid crowds and eye contact and travel from A to B past people in their masses without any interaction whatsoever. Knowing your neighbours and helping your neighbours became unnecessary, as there were always millions of other people out there who could do that for you.

Landing in Portknockie, with its population of 1,500, has been a bit of a shock. But not what you think; it’s been fantastic. Caring neighbours, chats in the street with people from the village; THAT view, those skies (Northern Lights, anyone?), fresh air! I won’t ever take that for granted.

And here I am running a rural business for the first time in my life, and do you know what? We don’t have access to 25.6 million passers’ by, but with the right written content, we can engage people online and draw them to us. And people online are still that, people. People who are looking for a rest from the bustle of the city, some genuine connection and a piece of the wonderful lifestyles we have here.

With the right written content, your company draws in clients wherever you are.

Your message, crafted into words that sell. It’s time to shine.


Happy Holidays and Thank You